Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is different from shared hosting

The first question that will pop up in the mind of a person who needs information about web hosting is that what exactly a web host is. Web hosts are basically the companies who provide service to the internet users. These web hosts provide a certain space on their server to the net users.

The vps web hosts render online systems for the connectivity through the internet. It allows the internet users to store information. It also provides image medium and various internet contents to the users. The companies or enterprises often desire to use the internet as a medium for carrying on their business. Well, in such a situation the company needs to make the correct choice in terms of selecting the web host. It has to select the web host that will suit their needs and fit in their strategy.

Many times it has been seen that a company has opted for dedicatedhosting. The concept of dedicated hosting is quite different from that of shared hosting. In shared hosting the company pays a fee, say on a monthly basis, to a third party who provides the service. The service provider in return of the fee allows the company to make use of their equipments for the web server. Here the whole task is managed and controlled by the service provider, right from security to managing bandwidth.

In a situation like this the only task that remains for the company to do is look after the development of the content of the web site.  Whereas in case of dedicated hosting the web server of the company sits on their own box, the service provider manages it partly. The dedicated hosting is generally used by the big businesses. It is in a way complete opposite of shared hosting. In dedicated hosting the server is completely dedicated to the needs of the company. Both dedicated and vps hosting come with a variety of features. It depends on the company to decide which one would benefit them the most.