Is There Any Disadvantage of Dedicated Hosting?

All of us know that dedicated server has a number of advantages and can be the best options for hosting a website. Are you really aware of disadvantages of a dedicated server? Do you think that there will be no disadvantage of a dedicated server? You will come to know the disadvantages of a dedicated vps.

If you look at the cost of a dedicated server then it is the most expensive hosting solution that you can avail for your website. It is more expensive than any other hosting plan like shared hosting or local hosting. It is observed that a dedicated hosting server is at least 20 times expensive than other hosting plan that you can use for your website. Because of this reason there are people who will consider that it is of no use to pay so high cost for a dedicated server. But if we look at a deeper level then there are some businesses over internet; that need a dedicated server. For these businesses dedicated server is the only best option. The main reason of using those dedicated servers is that they need not to restart even after using for the whole year.

The other disadvantage of dedicated server is that it is not an easy task to manage a dedicated server. To administer or manage a dedicated server it needs some special skills and knowledge. Server operating systems are not as we use in our homes or offices. Those operating systems are not user friendly and you will not be able to get use of those features. The basic things about a server is like SSH, Telnet and if someone is not aware of this feature then it will be very hectic and difficult task for that person to manage the server. If you fail to operate server correctly and mistakenly do something wrong then the whole server can crash down.  It will result all the pages to down on your server. Most of the people use dedicated to avoid their websites to get down. And if you server is crashed then all the websites on your server will be down and you may face loss in your business. In order to access websites on your crashed server you will need to fix your server as soon as possible.

If you decide to choose a dedicated hosting for your website then it is a great idea because you will get full technical and customer support for your dedicated server. As your server will be managed by the company so they will facilitate you with some amazing features. These companies also provide you backup facility for your whole database. On the other hand if a company fails to provide these basic facilities to the customers then they will surely lose their customers as no one can afford to face delay after investing huge money for a dedicated server.

Last but not least, many of us might not be aware that there are certain penalties which are reinforced if the web-master happened to exceed the usage of their allotted resources due to some unavoidable circumstances. Although we might not be expecting this to happen at all because with a dedicated hosting plan, the web-master deserved the right to utilize the entire resources of the dedicated server being the exclusive user who own the right to do so.

In the last I would like to add dedicated hosting service offer penalties that you would not like to pay for. So you should take all these things into your consideration before investing your money in a dedicating server.